Press Release Announcing Taza is “Open for Business” with Costco and The Shops at Buffalo Run Construction is Disseminated

October 23, 2019 /

William Briscoe, Canderel MDC; Chief Lee Crowchild, Tsuut’ina Nation

  • Costco closes on an 18.6-acre site within Taza Exchange and is introduced as the first tenant of Taza.
  • The development Design Guidelines are officially published, outlining the land uses and design criteria for the 1,200-acre masterplan with emphasis on a proactive and leading approach to sustainability and low impact development.
  • A series of development laws and efficient procedures to govern Taza are announced including a Civic Services department that issues development, building and occupancy permits (completed in as few as 45 days).
  • Tsuut’ina Public Works along with the Tsuut’ina Police Services (Tosguna) and Tsuut’ina Fire and Rescue are acknowledged as providing all the necessary civic services for Taza under a Tsuut’ina Nation property tax regime that is substantially more competitive than other municipalities.
  • Tsuut’ina Trail is slated to be completed and open by October 2020.
  • Site servicing commences for Taza Exchange, acting as the first phase of the development project. Servicing includes the widening of Buffalo Run Boulevard and includes the first traffic lights ever to be installed and used on the reserve.
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