Astaa-gu Didili Nats’iyini-hi



In stride with its progressive people, Taza is a doorway to bringing all together at Tsuut’ina. With future generations in focus, Taza is an exciting new avenue for socioeconomic prosperity through diverse and intentional development, investment and revitalization.

These are covenants Tsuut’ina has prioritized through their infrastructure, social programs and community services over the years. ‘Open for Business’ conveys Tsuut’ina’s deliberate approach to welcoming guests and visitors and to inviting businesses to join for commerce. The concept aims at nurturing stability and providing opportunities for Tsuut’ina and Calgarians alike by promoting an entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition, Tsuut’ina regulations offer advantageous benefits including an efficient and effective development approval process and competitive property taxation in comparison to neighbouring municipalities. Taza welcomes businesses and residents to adapt and thrive through this exchange, signifying a major step toward the fruition of a vision held for decades. Rather than simply participating, Tsuut’ina and Canderel are leading the future.

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Running Antelope, Tsuu T'ina shaman. Image: Harry Pollard / Provincial Archives of Alberta


Taza is one of the largest First Nation developments in North America. Its progress signals a monumental step for Tsuut’ina with a defining imprint. Its legacy is founded on a set of standards that define an innovative framework for development and one that champions First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities to further transform and thrive.
Progressive revisions and new approaches to federal policy, as a result of the sheer determination of the Tsuut’ina and Canderel partnership, empowers an intended standard and true economic inclusion. In addition, the governance and administration models were deliberately established to provide the foundation and resources to encourage Nation sovereignty and authority as well as empowering the individual—representing a major milestone unique to the project.
Notably, opportunities for further investment and reinvestment will commission a continuation of this ripple of success. Momentum continues to capture the interest of several Indigenous communities across Canada, and with this, Tsuut’ina welcomes intrigue and visitors alike to witness its journey.

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Taza provides opportunities for diverse and complementary uses that will appeal to a wide range of businesses and users. Creating a dynamic development plan that evolves with market demand will lead to success now and in the future.

  • Villages and developments contain diverse and complementary uses that adjust to market conditions
  • Buildings are adaptive to adjust to market demand
  • Individual developments enhance the character of their corresponding Villages
  • Opportunities are created to enhance the public realm with complimentary uses
  • Locally sourced materials, resources and suppliers are used and engaged when possible
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