and Connectivity:

Gudisnud-di Uwa Atł’aditiya

Community and

In the spirit of genuine Partnership

With inclusion at its core, genuine partnership has forged the foundation of Taza.

The leaders of Tsuut’ina spent years in search of the right strategy and partner to create this master-planned community and bring it to life. With an agenda of integrity and a long track record of enriching communities, Tsuut’ina partnered with Canderel to collaboratively set the goals for the development and create the design guidelines. These guidelines honour the land and are guided by Tsuut’ina values that have been persevered for centuries.

During the course of the journey, Canderel remains truly invested. Continuing to pivot when necessary in order to stay true to the original intentions, hallmarking trust and a united alliance at every step. Together, this partnership thrives on a generosity of spirit in all that has been exchanged, setting the tone for the future and what is yet to come.

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Come for convenience, stay for connection

Master-planned to embrace Tsuut’ina culture and forward-thinking solutions, Taza is unfolding with a diverse, demand-based tenant mix to complement each distinct Village: Taza Park, Taza Crossing and Taza Exchange. Taza is connected by a comprehensive framework of Tsuut’ina and city of Calgary infrastructure that includes the newly constructed Tsuut’ina Trail and Southwest Calgary Ring Road.

High-value real estate opportunities afforded at Tsuut’ina include retail, office, rental residential, restaurant and hospitality establishments, entertainment venues, vibrant outdoor spaces, and centres for innovation and wellness.

This is a place to experience a vast stretch of significant land and to spend time doing so with the people that matter most. At your own pace, dive deeper and unearth the rich narrative of those who call this place home. Experience firsthand the Tsuut’ina ways of knowing: values, knowledge and lessons passed on through generations by the telling and retelling of stories. Delight in the new and enjoy the familiar with Taza.

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The Tsuut’ina recognize the interconnectivity between all living beings, the spirit of the land, and communities of people. Being able to represent these connections through design is critical to relating the Nation’s teachings to a broader audience.

  • Accessible networks across villages
  • Use of features, materials, colours and textures that speak to interconnectivity
  • Ecological Corridors that allow for pathways for all people, animals and natural systems
  • Spaces for creativity, celebrations and other collectives
  • Acknowledgement of celebratory and history spaces
  • Maintaining nature
  • Accessible transportation and recreation pathways
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