Our Story

Taza is an unprecedented development project located on 1,200 acres of Tsuut’ina land. Consisting of three unique, but related development Villages—Taza Park, Taza Crossing and Taza Exchange. Integrated through a comprehensive framework of Tsuut’ina and the city of Calgary infrastructure.

Building on over 50 years of economic development and planning by Tsuut’ina, a genuine partnership was formed with Canderel to plan, finance and develop Taza along the path of Tsuut’ina Trail, a component of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road highway expansion. This partnership thrives on a generosity of spirit at every exchange, setting the tone for something wondrous to come.

The Partnership

At a closer glance, the people of Tsuut’ina stand humbly rooted as a culture of progression and innovation. The Tsuut’ina are proud and resilient, traits that are akin to their Calgary neighbours, with a fortitude that is strengthened by the preservation of language, traditional knowledge and lived experience passed down through generations. Taza —conceptualized with these characteristics at the forefront — will cultivate a story of inclusion that embraces economic prosperity, entrepreneurial spirit and a shared vision for the future.

3 Villages

Master-planned to embrace Tsuut’ina culture and reflect forward-thinking solutions, Taza is unfolding with a diverse, demand-based tenant mix to complement each distinct Village: Taza Park, Taza Crossing and Taza Exchange. High-value real estate opportunities afforded at Taza include: retail, office, rental residential, restaurant and hospitality establishments, entertainment venues, vibrant outdoor spaces, and centres for innovation and wellness.

Taza is a place to experience a vast new stretch of significant land and to spend time doing so with the people that matter most. At your own pace, dive deeper and unearth the rich narratives of those who call this place home. Delight in the new and enjoy the familiar at Taza.

50 years planning

World class architecture and design principles influenced by a connection to the natural world leads a proactive approach to sustainable, low impact development at Taza. This mandate is bolstered by Tsuut’ina development laws and civic procedures parallel to those found in other major municipalities, reinforcing a new calibre of development and business operation. Planned and designed for maximum adaptability, Taza is positioned to fulfill future environmental, social and governance needs and welcomes all to flourish through this exchange. Rather than simply participating, Tsuut’ina and Canderel are leading the future.


With sights on inclusion and the socio-economic prosperity of future generations, Taza conveys a deliberate approach in welcoming guests and inviting commerce to provide opportunities to all.

The monumental steps taken have left a defining imprint of progress and have stirred interest across North America. Spanning 1,200 acres, Taza is one of the largest First Nation development projects. Its legacy is founded on a set of standards that define an innovative framework to champion all Indigenous communities, encouraging inclusivity and further transformation and advancement.


Welcome to Taza.


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