Spanning 1,200 acres, Taza is one of the largest First Nation development projects in North America. With three distinct Villages, its legacy encourages economic prosperity, entrepreneurial spirit and a shared vision for the future. Taza is founded on a set of standards that define an innovative framework to champion Tsuut’ina and all Indigenous communities to further transform and thrive.

Something wondrous is coming!

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noun of Dené origin: Language of the Tsuut’ina
meaning: Something wondrous is coming

Project Pillars

Project Pillars
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About Taza

1,200 Acres
3 Distinct Villages
Net-Zero Ready by 2030
7 Principles of Universal Design
ESG Conscious

That’s the size of 910 football fields.

Taza, totaling over 1,200 acres and stretching ten kilometers along Tsuut’ina Trail, is situated directly adjacent to the city of Calgary’s southwestern border, the Municipal District of the Foothills, and Rocky View County. Totaling $11B, this master planned development will be a dynamic place that welcomes and connects tenants, customers, and visitors to the Tsuut’ina Nation, to the land and to each other.

Interconnected as: Taza Park, Taza Crossing, and Taza Exchange.

Set against the backdrop of vast natural landscapes, and a rich, colourful history. Taza is master planned to be a bustling business, lifestyle, shopping, and entertainment destination to experience, connect with, and reside in. The Taza site comprises more than 1,200 acres of area.

Targeting LEED, WELL, SITES certifications and more.

Taza reflects the vision of the Tsuut’ina Nation to be North America’s Indigenous leader of carbon neutral/near net zero energy buildings by 2030. The land, water, air, animals and plant-life must be protected, restored and enhanced throughout all the build environments on this territory, This includes a long-term plan to reach overall carbon neutrality across all sections including all forms of energy, transition, and energy grid development/storage and an investigation of carbon capture targets for the Nation. Certification efforts will target these rating systems: LEED; Living Building Challenge; WELL; Passive House; Zero Carbon Building Standard; Zero Energy Certification; and SITES.

7 accessibility solutions that create equivalent experiences for users.

Through implementation of the Accessible Design Framework, Taza will incorporate and reflect the following principles:

  1. Equitable – useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities;
  2. Flexible – accommodating a wide range of individual preferences and abilities;
  3. Simple and Intuitive – easy to understand and use regardless of experience;
  4. Perceptible Information – communications necessary information effectively to the user;
  5. Tolerance for Error – minimizes hazards and the adverse consequences of accidental or unintended actions;
  6. Low Physical Effort – used efficiently and comfortably with minimum force; and
  7. Size and Space for Approach – size and space are provided for approach, reach, and manipulation regardless of mobility.

Environmental, Social and Governance responsible.

Taza recognizes the increasingly critical importance of transparent, accurate and comparable Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data and analytics for responsible investment. Each development is encouraged to provide solutions that expand on the Taza Pillars in creative ways that are critical to Taza’s overall vision. Within each section of the Sustainability Implementation Strategy, additional points are given for innovation. This is meant to provide each developer and tenant additional ways to engage with the responsible principles of ESG.

project update

Project Update

Latest Update


August 28, 2020 marked an incredible milestone for the Tsuut’ina Nation and Taza. Not only did the first anchor tenant open, but this solidified that Taza is officially open for business. For those that joined us to celebrate, thank you for being a part of this momentous day. We invite you to look back on the celebration with a video snapshot here.

Welcoming Taza Exchange, the very first Village at Taza to open. Featuring The Shops at Buffalo Run, Exchange’s retail district where Costco resides.

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news & Events

News & Events


January 21, 2021

Past year had rays of light in the darkness

Multiple developments across the city are promising as we head into a new year… Another development that I was pleased to be able to learn more about and report on was Taza Development’s villages on...


January 11, 2021

Taza Celebrates the Best of 2020: A Year of Milestones

Taza has made exciting progress this past year despite the numerous challenges and setbacks. As we reflect on the year ahead, our team is filled with immense gratitude for what has come to life, with...


January 4, 2021

Compelling Calgarians: Chief Roy Whitney taking Tsuut’ina Nation to new heights

Over the past year, Whitney’s hard work and passion have borne much fruit, including the opening of the Tsuut’ina Costco and the long-anticipated southwest portion of the ring road that winds through 10 kilometres of...


December 1, 2020

Taza Park Water Reservoir Project Awarded 2020 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence

“The starting point for this powerful project is the amazing idea that a water reservoir could symbolize the union between Tsuut’ina culture, the land, and the water. It reinterprets the idea of the security fence...



Building on over 50 years of economic development and planning by Tsuut’ina, a genuine partnership was formed with Canderel to plan, finance and develop Taza along the path of Tsuut’ina Trail, a component of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road highway expansion. This partnership thrives on a generosity of spirit at every exchange, setting the tone for something wondrous to come.

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