Interchange: Cross Culture Approaches to Design Course Begins

September 1, 2019 /

Fabian Neuhaus Assistant Professor and Graham Livesey the Professor of Architecture, University of Calgary; Hal Eagletail, Tsuut’ina Nation

  • Interchange is developed as a senior studio that focuses on aspects of urban and community design, through cross-cultural interchange/exchange.
  • The studio project is developed in collaboration with the Tsuut’ina Nation community as the course criteria will engage traditional Indigenous ways of knowing and living, along with western approaches to interpretations of design, and sustainability.
  • The studio is a problem-based learning environment and the first of its kind, allowing students in the MArc, MLA and MPlan programs to work in interdisciplinary teams (and individually) on a culturally appropriate and sustainable urban design scheme.
  • Members of Canderel MDC take part during periodical design reviews as panellists of invited experts
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