Tsuut’ina Nation Announces Development Plans

July 11, 2016 /

CBC; Chief Roy Whitney, Tsuut’ina Nation; Mayor Naheed Nenshi; Jonathan Wener, CEO Canderel; Councillor Brian Pincott, Ward 11

  • The Partnership with Canderel is announced publicly as part of a long-term vision to create educational and employment opportunities on the Nation to allow generations of Tsuut'ina Nation people to work and flourish, right at home.
  • 1,200-acre commercial lands and The Taza Villages are announced along the Southwest Calgary Ring Road corridor and the name ‘Tsuut’ina Trail’ begins to be informally used for the portion of the ring road traversing the reserve.
  • Taza Development Corporation (now Canderel MDC) is created to execute the development on behalf of the Partnership.
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