Tsuut’ina Nation Seeks Designation Referendum and Land Code from Canada

November 26, 2015 /

Tsuut’ina Nation; Canderel MDC; Government of Canada

  • Tsuut’ina Nation notifies Canada that it is seeking a referendum in June 2016 to amend the current designation in addition to proceeding towards a land code.
  • The rationale is to be able to enter commercially viable land leases in advance of the land code that is being adopted.
  • Canderel MDC provides direction with respect to the various other legislation and bylaws that the Tsuut’ina Nation will need to develop over time.
  • The Commercial development is identified as its own tax district with additional direction from Canderel MDC.
  • Later in December, it is recommended that the proposed amendments to the designation should be confirmed by the nation with a Band Council Resolution and that the resolution be put to Canada to put pressure to act more quickly in addressing proposed changes; The Tsuut’ina Nation’s internal counsel agrees.
  • Work continues to progress on the Land Code and related legislation.
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