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 A Development For Today, A Future For Tomorrow.

Taza is a collaborative partnership between Canderel and Tsuut’ina Nation that combines industry expertise with Indigenous participation and leadership. The 1,200 acre development consists of three unique villages, borders southwest Calgary, and is part of Tsuut’ina Nation’s 75,000 acres of land. The Tsuut’ina Nation is home to 2,300 community members, and independently governs and operates all administration, business and social services on Nation land.

For more than 50 years, Tsuut’ina Nation has been planning this expansive development, creating opportunities for economic prosperity through employment, business leasing, and capital investment. By embracing traditional Tsuut’ina values of responsible land management and community participation, Taza will ensure a positive impact for generations to come.

Cradling the southwest border of Calgary you will find Taza - an innovative development on Tsuut’ina Nation that is quickly emerging as a leader for community planning for Indigenous communities in North America. Whether you’re a regular visitor or you’re planning your first visit to Taza, this blog will give you the perfect overview of this unique area.

Taza is Canderel’s first development on a First Nation. As one of Canada’s top real estate developers, their team of industry leaders has worked closely with Tsuut’ina Nation to remove the policy and operational barriers that many First Nations face. Together, they are disrupting the traditional colonial framework used in real estate and land development and have created an important precedent for future developments in Canada. 

Learn more about this collaborative effort here.

Embrace the Culture and History of Taza

The name Taza was given to the development by Tsuut’ina Elders. But what does it mean? It’s an expression of amazement within Tsuut’ina culture, and a symbol of the unique partnership between Canderel and Tsuut’ina Nation. The Taza development is guided by Tsuut’ina values, including deep respect for the land and all who inhabit it, and the preservation and celebration of Indigenous culture. Visitors to Taza are invited to further explore and learn about Tsuut’ina Nation’s rich history and cultural heritage, which is deeply integrated throughout the development.

The art and tradition of beadwork holds deep historical significance within First Nations Communities.

One way to build an understanding of the traditional ways of knowing is by visiting the Tsuut’ina Cultural Museum to learn more about the history of the land, observe Chief Bullhead's homestead adjacent to the museum, and shop authentic Indigenous goods in the gift shop.

We’ll be sharing more about the history and culture of Tsuut’ina Nation in upcoming blog posts.

Explore Taza’s Unique Villages

The three unique villages of Taza (Taza Park, Taza Exchange and Taza Crossing) will make up more than 35 million square feet of development over the next 25 years, as part of a forward-thinking master plan. They are all connected through Tsuut’ina Trail, a portion of the newly completed Ring Road.

Taza Park

This village will be a mixed-use community of retail (including recreation and entertainment), office and residential spanning more than 530 acres. Upon completion, it will feature a Retail Main Street on Tsuut’ina Parkway where pedestrians can shop, dine and attend social gatherings.

Currently in Taza Park you can find the new Metro Ford and Big4Motors, and will be joined by a new Volkswagen dealership, as well as the Tsuut’ina Gas which will complete construction in 2024.

Taza Exchange

This village will feature a unique mix of retail, office and residential development. At the heart of Taza Exchange is The Shops at Buffalo Run - a newly completed shopping and dining district. Here, you can find Canada’s only Costco on First Nation land and a wide variety of casual dining options, shopping, and professional services, including the first TD branch fully staffed by Indigenous personnel and Fasken’s first office on Indigenous land. You can currently visit more than 25 retailers, with new spaces opening their doors every month.

Taza Crossing

A future project, Taza Crossing will be another village of the Taza development, focusing on health, wellness and innovation. The intersection of western and traditional healing and culture will make this a unique hub that will span across 360 acres of Tsuut’ina Nation.

Taza Crossing will support entrepreneurial and high-tech industries and businesses, as well as multi-generational residential spaces and a mindful connection to nature (including Weaselhead Flats). It is designed to be a mixed use community with plenty of amenities, access to green space and a pedestrian-friendly design.

Get Active in Taza

Taza has a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for you to explore:

Visit the popular event and entertainment hub Grey Eagle Resort and Casino next to Taza Park.

(Photo Credit: 7 Chiefs Sportsplex & Chief Jim Starlight Centre)

Plan Your Next Visit

With its prime location bordering southwest Calgary and closely connected by major roadways, Taza is hard to miss and easily accessible. The newly completed Stoney Trail/Tsuut’ina Trail Ring Road is an integral piece of Taza’s growing infrastructure, connecting the three villages to Calgary and surrounding areas.

By following this road North and linking up with Glenmore Trail, you can quickly access inner city hubs including Westhills and Signal Hill Shopping Centre, downtown Calgary and Chinook Centre. Heading south, visitors will pass Fish Creek Provincial Park and quickly connect to highway 22X, making it easy to reach destinations surrounding the city, including Bragg Creek.
Plan a visit to the Experience Centre to learn more about Taza and chat with our team about the development. Find us on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9am to 3pm at Seven Chiefs Sportsplex & Jim Starlight Centre (Located to the left of the North Entrance doors by the fitness centre).

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