May 23, 2024 / Project Updates

Taza Development Corp. has recently finished constructing The Shops at Buffalo Run, a lively retail center created to serve the community and visitors alike. With over 30 tenants now operating, Buffalo Run offers a mix of essential and recreational services, aiming to strike a perfect balance. From health facilities to wellness services, these diverse businesses are dedicated to offering top-notch options to the Tsuut’ina Nation and nearby Calgary neighbourhoods.

Let's delve into how eight of the tenants are reshaping health and wellness accessibility for all.

  1. Getting Youth Moving at Taza

    Buffalo Run is the home of FiT FOUNDATION, a youth fitness program designed to motivate young individuals to adopt an active and balanced lifestyle. According to Health Canada, kids require 60 mins per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity and only 39% of youth aged 5-17 meet the recommended guidelines, with boys (52%) being much more likely than girls (26%). That’s one of the many benefits of FiT Foundation - their program combines strength, endurance, flexibility, nutrition, and mindfulness to help children establish a strong foundation for a healthy life and ensures youth are beating the minimum requirements of physical activity. Beyond physical fitness, FiT FOUNDATION highlights the positive effects of exercise on mental well-being, such as reducing stress and enhancing self-esteem. Whether you are a local resident or just visiting, FiT FOUNDATION offers an engaging and inclusive opportunity for children to enjoy movement and fun at Taza. Purchase memberships here today!

2. Conquer Your Wellness Goals with Warrior Supplements

Warrior Supplements is an Indigenous-owned sports supplement gem nestled in The Shops at Buffalo Run. Their mantra, "Everyone can be a Warrior," sets the tone for a journey towards personal success for wellness. Here, you will discover more than just supplements; you will find a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve your goals and enhance your overall quality of life. Whether it's improving mobility or nurturing mental health, self-esteem, and confidence, Warriors Supplement focuses on holistic well-being. Founder Lucas Kurtoglu believes that genuine health and fitness extend beyond appearances, emphasizing, "Health and fitness encompass the entire package, not just our reflection in the mirror." By providing educational materials and personalized assistance, Warriors Supplements serves as a hub for health and wellness at the Shops at Buffalo Run, empowering customers to proactively manage their well-being with assurance and expertise.

3. Explore the Revamped Brand: The First Gold's Gym in YYC Unveils a New Design

Taza is also getting ready to welcome Gold’s Gym, a powerhouse in the health and wellness scene, to The Shops at Buffalo Run. Known for championing both mental and physical well-being, Gold’s Gym is set to bring a world-class facility to the table, including state-of-the-art equipment, infrared saunas, a boxing area and hydro massages for members. What’s more, the new Buffalo Run location will be open round the clock, ensuring fitness fits into your schedule. Plus, with discounted memberships up for grabs as they gear up for the grand opening, there’s never been a better time to jump on board and kickstart your wellness journey. 

4. Prioritize Your Mental Health

As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month in May, it’s crucial to remember that mental well-being deserves attention every day of the year. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Springbank Psychology at The Shops at Buffalo Run, providing accessible mental health support to Taza and the nearby communities. Specializing in adults, teenagers, children and families - at Springbank Psychology, the focus is on promoting continuous mental well-being and delivering compassionate care to everyone in the community.

5. Elevate Your Body’s Well-being with Complete Health Chiropractic & Massage 

Complete Health Chiropractic & Massage - this trusted wellness haven is dedicated to helping every individual attain a pain-free life for optimal health and wellness. Their comprehensive services encompass chiropractic care, massage therapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture, all designed to support your journey towards holistic well-being.

6. Get Your Oral Care in Check with Buffalo Run Dental

Taking care of your oral health is a crucial part of your overall well-being that often gets overlooked. Neglecting oral health concerns can result in discomfort, pain and even more serious health issues. Luckily, at The Shops at Buffalo Run, you can easily access comprehensive oral health care at Buffalo Run Dental, with the added bonus of an upcoming Children’s Dental Health Centre to cater to the little ones. Buffalo Run Dental provides general dentistry, repair & restorative, cosmetic dentistry as well as mouth pieces and dental devices - Buffalo Run Dental is one stop dental service provider catering to all ages. 

7. Feel Good: The Psychology of a Clean Car

Want to take your well-being up a notch during your time visiting Taza? Our emotions are greatly influenced by our surroundings. A cluttered and dirty car can negatively affect our emotional state when we use it daily. Treat yourself to the Great White Wash for a pristine car and a refreshed mindset.

8. Petfinity: Elevate Activity Levels for You and Your Furry Friend

For a fun fitness boost, swing by Petfinity to find side-by-side human and dog treadmills, where you and your furry friend can stay active together, especially on those indoor-weather days.

With more than 30 retailers and services, Taza makes essential and recreational services easily accessible to the surrounding communities. Explore Taza in person or visit The Shops at Buffalo Run website to browse the store directory and plan your visit. To stay up-to-date on new and upcoming tenants, join our online community and follow us on social!

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