Taza Park Water Reservoir Project Awarded 2020 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence

December 1, 2020 / Taza News

“The starting point for this powerful project is the amazing idea that a water reservoir could symbolize the union between Tsuut’ina culture, the land, and the water. It reinterprets the idea of the security fence as a solar fence—an element of cultural expression inspired by the beaver dam—creating a gateway to Taza Park. The fence feels like it organically grows out of the ground and then wraps around to create a protective cocoon.” – Michael Moxam, juror

The Tsuut’ina Nation and the city of Calgary have been neighbours for over a century. Throughout this time, Calgary has grown to the point where it now surrounds the Nation’s eastern boundary. This growth has increasingly strained the Bow and Elbow Rivers’ ability to provide for agriculture, industry, and the everyday household needs of Tsuut’ina citizens. The Taza water reservoir and pumphouse replaces aged infrastructure and provides a consistent source of potable water for the community as it builds out the 500-acre Taza Park—the first of three villages that make up one of North America’s largest First Nation development projects.

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