August 22, 2020
Taza News

Awarded by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA founded est. 1899); Taza Park received the 2020 Merit Award for Planning by the Colorado Chapter. Taza Park: A New Paradigm of Ecological Reconciliation.

The design for Taza Park is based around the cultural values of the Tsuut’ina Nation: giving back what one takes, building powerful connections to the land, and promoting regeneration. In collaboration with Design Workshop, this winning design restores the hydrology of the land by creating new ecological corridors that improve the biodiversity of the environment. These corridors establish an underlying framework for the park system which, in form, mirrors the intricate overlay of oxbows in the nearby Elbow River to create landforms and boardwalks twisting around ephemeral stormwater ponds, which drain to Weaselhead Flats, one of Calgary’s largest and most biodiverse marshlands.

Additional Collaborators: Design Workshop, Gensler, Callison/RTKL, Zeidler Architecture, WSP, WATT

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