Taza Celebrates Tsuut’ina Day Highlighting Nation Progress and Overall Success

May 3, 2021 / Taza News

On May 1st annually, Tsuut’ina Nation celebrates Tsuut’ina Day. Historically, Tsuut’ina Day marked the beginning of a new year with the arrival of spring and the people of Tsuut’ina would gather and celebrate while also taking note of the population by placing a rock on the community’s Rock Cairn.

“This day reminds us that small tribes who work together can surpass obstacles. It’s a day that brings us together and reminds us where we came from and what we value.”


In honour of Tsuut’ina Day, Taza has highlighted some of the different ways that our team has continued to support the Nation’s progress and overall success.

Commerce and Employment

In stride with its progressive people, Tsuut’ina Nation holds future generations in focus. Taza represents an exciting new avenue for socioeconomic prosperity through diverse and intentional development, investment and revitalization.

  • Past Construction seasons have seen an increase in Nation Contracting opportunities as well as employment.
  • 7 Nation contractors were able to contribute to site work and $1.2M million was spent on either Nation Contractors or Nation Business procurement.
  • Site clearing at Taza Park and clean up at the Taza Exchange site was done by TTCGP, with roughly $280,000 paid for the work completed.
  • Borger Group made 17 position offers to Tsuut’ina Citizens, with 15 of those positions being filled. Presently, 7 employees have remained with Borger and are working full-time.
  • A hiring fair in May 2020 organized by Taza, Employment Resource Centre, and Costco received over 200+ participants who attend either in person or virtually. As a result, 82 Tsuut’ina Citizens were hired to work at the Tsuut’ina Costco location. 51 First Nations employees are still working on at this location to date.
  • Investigations into Tsuut’ina Business opportunities are continuously being explored. Anyone who wishes to pursue leasing is encouraged to reach out to Taza at [email protected]

Learning and Knowledge Transfer

Tsuut’ina Nation is celebrated for preservation of language, traditional knowledge and lived experiences passed down through generations. With much to teach, Taza is supporting Tsuut’ina as it has pushed forward in search of advancement while honouring and sharing deep ties to heritage.

  • A total of 82 Borger University courses were completed by the Tsuut’ina Borger employees over the course of their employment. The training was offered for free and provided the employees with the training and tickets needed to work on sites.
  • The University of Calgary partnered with Taza Development Corp and Zeidler Architecture to incorporate Tsuut’ina Nation cultural teachings into their Architecture curriculum, challenging the students to reimagine design ideas that are created through interpreting the culture and the history of the Nation.

Bridging Connection and Collaboration

With inclusion at its core, genuine collaboration has forged the foundation of Taza. Tsuut’ina leaders prioritize partnership and connection to preserve values, enrich communities and bring development vision to life.

  • 2 Nation Citizens are working directly on the Taza Development Team
  • 3 of the Taza Development Senior Management team have enrolled and have completed the Indigenous Canada Course offered by the University of Alberta. All Taza team members must complete the course and take ongoing training as well.
  • Taza worked with 2 artists from the Nation to design The Shops at Buffalo Run flag posts. Another Tsuut’ina artist is working on a tenant project and was engaged directly by the tenant team. A Tsuut’ina photographer was also brought in to do the Taza Development Team’s headshots which are on the Taza website.
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