Taza Celebrates the Best of 2020: A Year of Milestones

January 11, 2021 / Taza News
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Taza has made exciting progress this past year despite the numerous challenges and setbacks. As we reflect on the year ahead, our team is filled with immense gratitude for what has come to life, with big hopes for the future.

Leading up to the beginning of 2021 we celebrated with a look back at our favourite moments of 2020 across our social channels - in case you missed it, here are the highlights:

01: A Year Of Rewards

  • The University of Calgary received the Team Teaching Award for their trailblazing Kuniya Architecture Course, established as a way to translate Tsuut’ina cultural and traditional design perspectives into modern architecture
  • Taza Park leads its groundbreaking design with two awards:
    • 2020 Merit Award for Planning Awarded by the Colorado Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects
    • 2020 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence for Taza Park Water Reservoir.

Read more about Taza Park’s recent award wins

02: Introducing The Shops at Buffalo Run

  • Located in Taza Exchange, The Shops at Buffalo Run celebrates Tsuut’ina history, culture, and traditional knowledge – creating an unparalleled hub for businesses, visitors and tourists
  • The first anchor tenant opened its doors, with more exciting vendors set to open in the near future 

For more information, visit The Shops at Buffalo Run

03: Growing Opportunities

  • In collaboration, Taza, Tsuut’ina Employment Resource and Costco organized a hiring fair and as a result, over 200 participants engaged and 82 Tsuut’ina Citizens were hired for the new Costco at Taza
  • Borger Group Construction provided training programs to interested Tsuut’ina Nation Citizens and hired on 15+ new employees with 7 of those remaining full-time

More exciting opportunities are on the horizon! Follow Taza on LinkedIn for more information

04: Community Collaboration

  • Taza Development Corp works with Board Members assigned by Chief and Council, ensuring that every stage of development meets the needs of Tsuut’ina Nation members
  • Taza is immensely grateful for the past, present and future contributions made by Tsuut’ina leadership and all development partners, and looks forward to continued collaboration in 2021

05: Two New Online Experiences

06: A New Way to Experience Taza

  • Taza Development Corp is always looking for ways to connect and with much of 2020 spent virtually, we are especially excited to bring you the Taza Experience Centre slated to open January, 2021
  • This interactive space will enable community members to chat with our team, learn more about the development and discover Taza like never before

07: A Groundbreaking First

  • Taza welcomed its very first anchor tenant - Costco! This was an incredible milestone for the Tsuut’ina Nation and Taza representing the culmination of planning and dedication from numerous partners
  • Taza was honoured to have received a blessing ceremony from Tsuut’ina Elders on the eve of Costco’s opening to commemorate the occasion and create a space of good energy for all those that visit the building
  • During opening weekend Costco smashed previous records and was the highest performing location in all of Western Canada! 

08: The Opening of Tsuut'ina Trail

“When our citizens approved the transfer of the land for the ring road, it was in large measure to allow us to develop our lands. With the opening of the ring road, we can continue our development, Taza, which will provide economic prosperity to the Tsuut’ina Nation and to the City of Calgary.” - Chief Roy Whitney, Tsuut’ina Nation

  • Construction of Tsuut’ina Trail started in 2016 and currently supports over 2000 jobs
  • This 12-kilometer stretch of road opened in 2020, marking a major milestone in the massive infrastructure project that will eventually encircle much of Calgary

What surprises will 2021 hold? None can say for certain, but we are positive that more wondrous things are yet to come.

“As I reflect upon this past year and prepare to say goodbye to 2020 (more like good riddance!), my thoughts turn quickly to the determination, effort and hard work our Taza Team exhibited and what was achieved by Taza in this most unprecedented year.  Invigorated by promise and potential, this talented group with a singularity of purpose is marching confidently forward into 2021! .” - William Briscoe

On behalf of our team at Taza Development Corp, we hope you enjoy the New Year!

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