In celebration of Taza’s 5th Anniversary and legacy Taza Development Corp is seeking a First Nation beadwork artist to create 8-10 Taza branded Medallions. The project will encourage economic diversity by supporting local Tsuut’ina creators as well as incorporating cultural influences through the gifting of the Medallions to development members who have been integral to the project progression.

The project request is self-directed and recommended for in-studio. It requires past beadwork experience and the ability to meet the required turnaround deadline of July 07, 2021 with completed medallions.

Taza Development Corp will manage the selection in partnership with Brandsmith, Taza’s agency of record and a Tsuut’ina Representative. If interested, please don’t hesitate to register! We would love to hear from you.

Taza Development Corp is seeking interested Tsuut’ina and First Nation artists and businesses to participate in an Outdoor Artist and Vendor Market to highlight their talents while also creating opportunities for market-goers to support and learn about Indigenous arts and culture. In celebration of development values and the launch of the Bridging Connection Program, the event will help to establish introductions with new and established artists and creatives while creating opportunities to advertise their businesses and sell their wares.

Taza Development Corp is looking for 25 businesses specializing in beadwork, artwork, prints, graphic design prints, paintings, jewelry, handmade artwork, etc., with complimentary vendor space. The event will take place on June 26th at the outdoor venue: The Seven Chiefs Sportsplex, Tsuut’ina Nation in the West side gravel and paved parking lot. 

Cieran Starlight will manage the selection process in partnership with Maryann Big Plume after the deadline application. If interested, we welcome you to register today!

Taza Development Corp. is seeking two Tsuut’ina Nation artists to complete artwork design for roadside flags that will highlight the guiding principles of Cultural Influences of the Tsuut’ina and build brand awareness for The Shops at Buffalo Run.

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