Through development and design, Taza embraces the Tsuut’ina culture and ways of knowing. Tenants seeking artist collaboration are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the following key components of our Guiding Design Pillars and to consider these elements while conceptualizing project submissions.

Community & Connectivity:

With inclusion at its core, genuine Partnership has forged the foundation of Taza. The leaders of Tsuut’ina spent years in search of the right strategy and partner to create this master-planned community and bring it to life. With an agenda of integrity and a long track record of enriching communities, Tsuut’ina partnered with Canderel to collaboratively set the goals for the development and create the design guidelines. These guidelines honour the land and are guided by Tsuut’ina values that have been preserved for centuries.

Cultural Influences:

Tsuut’ina shares more than its borders with the city; its people stand rooted as a culture of leadership, hope and innovation. Tsuut’ina fortitude is also uniquely strengthened by the preservation of language, traditional knowledge and lived experiences passed down through generations. Its people are progressive, acting with bold vision while honouring their deep ties to heritage. Taza has been conceptualized with these characteristics at its core, and is a story of not only economic prosperity, but one that cultivates the ambition and drive of the entrepreneurial spirit. Taza is a reminder that here stands a shared vision for the future—through both the highlights and the hardships. At Taza we are stronger, together.

Nature & Connection to Land:

Tsuut’ina believe the land provides the gifts needed to conserve all life, and that individuals can respect this by taking only as needed and honouring what has been taken. The Taza design process, collaboratively shaped with principles from world class architecture, is influenced by this sacred connection to the natural world.

Economic Diversity:

Taza is a doorway to bringing all together at Tsuut’ina. With future generations in focus, Taza is an exciting new avenue for socioeconomic prosperity through diverse and intentional development, investment and revitalization. These are covenants Tsuut’ina has prioritized through their infrastructure, social programs and community services over the years. ‘Open for Business’ conveys Tsuut’ina’s deliberate approach to welcoming guests and visitors and to inviting businesses to join for commerce. The concept aims at nurturing stability and providing opportunities for Tsuut’ina and Calgarians alike by promoting an entrepreneurial spirit.

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